Terms and conditions


There’s a subscriptionperiod which starts when a trip is online and ends a month before the camps begins, unless is sold out.

Both times always will be on the description of a certain camp.

Participants only can subscribe between these two dates. When a camp is sold out, there won’t be extra possibilities to subscribe any more.

A Participant is only subscribed when paid fort he trip. So no payment, means no subscription. The system always lets the participants who pay go through first.


The online payment is made to make sure participants easily can pay. It’s a nice and easy instrument which makes sure people can pay immediately.

No payment means a non subscription. So only when the trip is paid, the participant is officialy part of the camp.

We’ll send notificitations during the proces, to warn the participants about this fact.


Groups will use the same system. Every camp has an opening and an ending for all the subscriptions.

When groups get their offer and agree to it, they will get there subscriptionform with a unique number. This way only they can subscribe.

After subscribing every participant, the organiser can pay the complete trip. This until the enddate, which will be shown in the description of the camp.

When there is no payment at the end of this period, there’s no camp. Only when paid fully, the camp will take place.

We’ll send notifications during the proces, to warn the organisers about this fact.


We aren’t a travelagent or touroperator. So we don’t organise flights to our facility. We believe people can be cheaper of when they organise this themselves.

When booking a flight-ticket, always ask for guidance from the flightcompany. This way between gates nothing goes wrong.


We pick up at the gate and bring back to the gate. That’s our policy and this is what we garantuee. We don’t want anyone to wander around the airport.

When a flight back is canceled we’ll wait and see what the flightcompany will organise. If they don’t do anything, we’ll take this responsibility. Of course demanding our effort back at the flightorgansiation.

When the participant allready is at the gate, we have no longer control.

Parents alway ask for guidance between the gates.


We aren’t responsible for a no flight or for any reason the flight is cancelled and participant or the group can’t continue the camp.

This is a travelers insurance or cancellation insurance matter.

We can’t be held responsible in any of these happenings. We are only responsible for the local organisation of the camp.


We are working with Algarve Sports since a few years to organise beachvolleybalcamps and they could help with finding a better spot to let the group train, when the weather isn’t good and we know in adhance. They have connections in the whole region of Algarve. Also weather conditions are alway a bit better over here.

We know that we will always find a solution and mostly won’t have to cancel the camp.

If we know that the region is terrorised by storm and bad weather before the group is there, and we can’t manage to find an alternative, we’ll cancel the trip ourselves. In this case we have to repay the money of the participant or the group. We aren’t responsible for flight tickets, so we won’t refund this.

Participants and groups will have to agree with the alternative when there is one, because in this case we don’t do a refund.

When the group is already there and suddenly a storm is there for a few days, we have alternatives to train inside (two indoorfacilities, a swimmingpool, a fitness and a lot of sportaccomodations in the neighbourhood).

We know for sure we can facilitate the groups in the best way whenever bad weather suddenly appears.


When the campleader gets sick, we always can rely on someone of the schoolboard. Probable Marcio Franca will take over in this case. The school knows what is neccesary fort he camp and knows all the ins and outs.

When someone or the whole group gets sick, we let the local doctor come to check them up. If necessary we take them to a local hospital.

When the trainer get’s sick we’ll contact trainers from our network and let them take over.
We have a network of trainers who can manage to give training at different levels.

If this happens to a group with their own trainer, the group will pay for this service.


We will have always enough materials in the school location to work with. These materials are ours or from the school. Both are safely behind locked doors only the conciërge has keys from.

For the outdoorsports we’ll have mobile-units so we can take them down and put them safely inside. But also easy to take them along when we want or have to change location.

When something breaks, we’ll always have spares. We can order replacements in Portugal through the school. This takes a few days, but it will be directly at the location.

We also can always count on Algarve Sports, which is an organisation with a lot of material and the knowledge to help us out if the need is high.


We are insured for the organisation of the complete camps. Everything we do local and every participant, we are insured for.

If something happens like an accident we’ll always organise besides aid, the communication.


Wifi or internet will be at a minimum during the camps. This means communication will be not as easy as we are grown into. This is why we put an actionmovie online every week.

Every afternoon and evening there’ll be some relaxtime where participant scan use the wifi.

In case of any calamity we call parents and family first. So they know what happened and what the next actions are. We also will be the communication online during the proces.

We’ll post what happened, without names or judgements on our website and what our actions where in this case. This way people see we think clear and communicate clear. And this way they see things can happen, but we take responsibility.