You want to test your team in new environment?

Sportjeal offers a combination of training and playing an international tournament in Portugal.

Who is welcome:

Every youth team under 18 is welcome.


  • You’ll arrive on the first day at Porto airport where we pick you up at the gate.
  • We take the bus to Calvão
  • We are here in our sportcampus until the start of the tournament.
  • You will have the ability to train 2times a day.
  • During the tournament, we stay at the tournament
  • Last day we bring you back to Porto airport, where we bring you back to the gate.

What are you getting:

  • You’ll sleep in our facilities in our sportcampus
  • Where You’ll get three meals a day, in which 2 are cooked meals
  • You’ll get acces to water and fruit during the whole day
  • You’ll have the chance to train at least 2 times a day
  • At the tournament you’ll sleep in their facilities
  • You’ll play the tournament at you’re level
  • Food and drinks are included during the tournament

Who is joining

  • One professional trainer if needed
  • Extra guidance if needed

Important to know

  • In a camp of 8 days, the coach will come for free with a team of 12 players
  • Sportjeal can’t offer this with a flight ticket included
  • We can help organising tickets