We make everybody move. We do this by developing and implementing movement schools matching your needs. For this we like to work together with associations, companies and schools.

Sport is an ideal way to learn social skills. For example; collaborating, setting your goals, shifting your boundaries, dealing with disappointments and experiencing succes. Are you looking for a movement project for your company, association or school?

Together with you, we look at what suits you best. In the meantime, we already can show you some succesfull concepts which we worked out.

We organise and implement movementschools for all ages, disciplines and sports.


  • for the age 0-12
  • based on LTAD
  • with support of MRT, MultiSkillZ and Bodymap


  • extends each person ‘s sportcareer
  • easy to implement into the trainings
  • always personalised
  • starts at the age of 12


  • sport for the 55+ generation
  • based on GALM
  • supported by Strength and Conditioning