What about going abroad and training for a complete week with teenagers of the same age and coaching from professionals?

Join this camp and you’ll Fly to Porto (Portugal), where we pick you up to go to our Sportcampus in Calvão. Here you’ll share the room with a few other players.

After a nice breakfast we’ll train our first session of the day, after training we go for a coocked lunch and some rest. Depending on the day we start the afternoon with some fun activities, just to have some fun, and after this we go back to the training. After this training it’s time for showering, resting and finally  a well-deserved dinner.
What we do after dinner, we can’t tell… But it’s going to be fun. We are also close to the beach, so we’ll visit the beach fo a day, where we are going to offer surflessons and other sports.

Who is welcome:

Everybody with age between 14 and 18 who plays volleybal and wants to learn more


  • You’ll arrive on Saturday at Porto airport where we pick you up at the gate.
  • We take the bus to Calvão
  • We are 8 days / 7nights in our sportcampus
  • Week later we bring you back to Porto airport, where we bring you back to the gate.

What are you getting:

  • You’ll sleep in our facilities in our sportcampus
  • You’ll get three meals a day, in which 2 are cooked meals
  • You’ll get acces to water and fruit during the whole day
  • You’ll train 8 times with one of our professional trainers
  • You’ll get the chance to try other sports
  • You’ll get a cooking lesson and prepare your own meal
  • You’ll play games, watch a movie, make theatre, have a party, go to the beach… all when you aren’t training or sleeping
  • There’s a little shop on the campus, where candy and other drinks can be bought.

Who is joining

  • One professional trainer
  • A crazy mentorteam
  • Maybe a local team who wants to challenge you

Important to know

  • This is an individual camp accessible for players around the world
  • Camps will be English spoken
  • Camps continue as soon as we have 15 participants
  • Sportjeal can’t offer this with a flight ticket included
  • We can help organising tickets when a small group (>5) wants to join